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Add a Constituency to BBCRM Mapping Formulas

I would like to suggest the ability to bring in constituencies for new records in our BBCRM constituent revenue type.

Hi Angela, 

We appreciate your suggestion! I have a few questions to see how we could most effectively handle constituencies through Omatic Cloud.

  • Do you have a field  in your source system that you use to capture constituenties that would map to BBCRM? Or would you likely choose to "define" the constituecy field if it existed in Omatic Cloud?
  • Do you use the 'date from' and 'date to' fields on the constituency? 
  • What would you expect to happen if the constiuency coming through doesn't exist in BBCRM? 
  • What would you expect to happen if the consistuency coming through already existed on an existing record in BBCRM? 
Thank you!

Chanel Floyd
Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

Hi Chanel,

- At this point we don't have the constituency in the flat file (that's all we are using currently), but when creating a new constituent in BBCRM, would like to be able to add a user defined constituency, so would choose to define the constituency field in Omatic Cloud.

- We would want to use the Date From and Date To fields in the constituency

- If it doesn't exist in BBCRM we would want it to exception out

- If it already existed on the constituent, we would want to to skip it and not change it, but exception out (option to skip or exception out)



Thank you, Angela! The additional information helps greatly. I'll talk to the team about the effort and we'll see if we can get it into our roadmap. 


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