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RE NXT Allow Dates for Assigned Appeals to be in the future

We have run into an issue with OC where the Blackbaud Sky API will not allow us to import Assigned Appeals with Dates in the future. According to the support ticket "Blackbaud does not allow an appeal to be added to a constituent record through the Sky API with a date later than 2 days from the date it is being run." Assigned Appeal lists are often generated weeks in advance, and they should be able to be added to a constituent record whenever.

Hi Max, 

Thank you for this suggestion. We agree that the date shouldn't be a limitation and we have requested that Blackbaud make a change. Please make sure to also add this suggestion to the Blackbaud's RENXT ideas forum

We will update this post if we get any additional information from Blackbaud.


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

Thanks, Kristen! In addition, we are finding that Finder Number and Mailing ID are populating with a 0 even though we have nothing mapped and would like those fields to be blank. We think it is an issue with how the Sky API reads things or adds things. Can you confirm?

Hi Max, 

Yes, that's correct. However, this is something we can provide an update to resolve. We plan to add logic to avoid the unwanted "0" in an upcoming release.



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