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BBCRM > LO Formulas - Would like additional fields such as address data to be returned for matching.

Hi Omatic Team,

Currently in BBCRM >LO Formulas when matching records, the address info does not appear in the grids so we can't use that to decipher what the correct matched record is without going into each potential match which is very time consuming. Mailing address would be helpful for the following reasons:

1) LO and CRM may have different emails for a same person (with same address).

2) LO may have duplicated records for a same person but the system can't tell they are duplicates. E.g. - Incoming CRM record (same name) mailing address match one LO record and email address match another LO record. In these cases, additional actions are required before Omatic queue get processed.

Hi Chanel,
The issue itself is two-fold. (1) In the queue, CRM contact information (address, phone, etc.) does not pull in to make it an easy tool to make decisions on the data (LO data does display), and (2) In the 1:Many queue, there's no way to easily access the CRM record via the queue, like there is in the LO>CRM queue. Therefore, the operational lift to manage this bucket is heavy.

Please see "BBCRM>LO Formulas" tab for examples (Sending this info via email, later today)


Hi Melisa, 

In the BBCRM>LO formulas, do you have address fields mapped? If so, and you still don't see address columns in the grids, have you tried editing the columns? In the example below the address fields are mapped and just showed up in the grid. I've circled where those columns can be edited if needed. 


Let me know if you still aren't having luck seeing address field in the grids!

Thank you, 

Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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