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Duplicate records with different alias's

My scenario is this:-

Export from a system that has duplicate records with different Alias ids.

ImportOmatic finds the correct RE record and loads the records and adds the second Alias to the correct RE record.

However, I get no feedback that this has happened so I can update/merge the duplicate records in the source system when ID matching set as 'Continue processing the data row'

I have changed the ID matching in the configuration to 'treat the data row as an exception' so it treats these rows  (along with any other new records that are found) as exceptions. I have a record then of duplicate rows so I can sort them out from the exception file on the other system.

However, when I load the exceptions the GA does not update for the duplicates or any other new rows and I need to do this manually.

So I have a 2 options which both have their issues.

Ideally I would want any existing RE record with a new Alias to be bought up to the screen to be Ok'd - so I am aware of it and then continue processing.

I would be interested in suggestions on how I can make this work please?

Can you create a report of records changed in the last day, week, etc. that shows you the Constituent ID and all of the Alias IDs. Export to Excel and highlight duplicate Constituent ID records there?

I do something similar now after my imports but I was hoping to resolve this within the Omatic import to save myself some work - I was thinking I was missing something obvious I could do to the configuration!

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