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Adding an alias when the name does not match

The built in BBCRM constituent update has a feature to be able to add an alias rather than updating the name fields on a constituent when the name fields do not match. This is important to us, as we would not want to lose any name information on an individual, if they chose to enter a nickname or some different name to be used, in terms of being able to research and properly have a complete picture of a constituent.

Hi Arlette,

This is a great idea! Can you think of any other use cases where you'd want to update the mapping based upon the destination values?




It would be great to have all the same options that you have when doing an update in BBCRM.

This includes:

  • Adding an alias when the name does not match
  • Making the existing address/phone/email inactive (i.e. updating the end date on the former record)
  • Add as a new address/phone/email only if the types do not match


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