Omatic Cloud Updates - April 13, 2022

Omatic Cloud

  • Improved record processing during times of heavy load on the system
  • Resolved issue where the Current Date transformation was not applying to child objects


  • Fixed issue where Appeal Mailing ID and Appeal Finder ID were being set to zero even when not mapped
  • Updated mapping to only allow 1 relationship

Luminate Online

  • Updated the behavior of the reset button on the large list control to clear all search values, available values, and selected values


  • Fixed issue where payment type was returning incorrect values
  • Added Payment Source field

Engaging Networks

  • Added a new formula type, RENXT Gifts to Engaging Networks Transactions, allowing users to send donation information from RENXT to Engaging Networks


  • Added a new formula type, EveryAction People, allowing users to send new and updated EveryAction People records to BBCRM, RENXT and Salesforce