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IOM Dictionary for Creating Future Gift Date - Recurring Gifts

Hello! We restructured our pledge card to allow recurring gifts, and in order for recurring gifts to get converted to automated in web view the gift date has to be at least 24 hours ahead of the first installment. Our gift processor sends us a CSV daily with a line of gift information.  Name, Gift Date, Fund, Amount, Gift Type etc. 

I believe this is a 2 part question:

I am looking for what I believe would be a dictionary that would add on X amount of days to the field labeled DATE FIRST PAY on an import profile, this date would be generated by the Gift Date.  i.e. Gift Date is 04/25/2022, we would need the gift date to be 04/27/22.

The second part is that the field for the installment labeled Schedule Day of the Month would need to be that adjusted future gift date.  i.e. 27th

I found a similar topic from 7 years ago, but that was referencing years and I honestly did not know if I added to that post if my question would be seen,  

Any help you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you,



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