Omatic Cloud Updates - April 27, 2022


  • Updated Gift Fundraiser > Constituent System Record ID to Gift Fundraiser > Constituent Lookup ID
  • Updated Gift Soft Credit > Constituent System Record ID to Gift Soft Credit > Constituent Lookup ID
  • Updated Action Fundraiser > System Record ID to Action Fundraiser > Constituent Lookup ID
  • Updated Fundraiser Assignment > Fundraiser System Record ID to Fundraiser Assignment > Fundraiser Lookup ID
  • Added exception message when a Pledge is being imported but there is an invalid Gift Constituency, Gift Code, or Gift Sub Type field
  • Removed requirement for end data on recurring gifts


  • Added retry logic for Salesforce transaction requests when a Salesforce trigger causes a failure to insert or update a record, rolling back the full transaction
  • Fixed an issue where a destination exception for a missing NPSP setting for handling Addresses with non-Household Accounts was not being surfaced to the user
  • Fixed an error appearing on the mapping page when child objects are mapped but no fields are mapped on the top-level object for an Any Object formula
  • Fixed an issue and now child objects will be added when using match override


  • Added Groups and Group Members objects and fields to the Constituent Revenue endpoint
  • Removed child object matching options for Revenue/Payment/Revenue Attribute in both new and existing formulas that use the Constituent Revenue endpoint

Luminate Online

  • Fixed issue where the exception "Unexpected character encountered while parsing value" was thrown when sending records to LO


  • Fixed an issue potentially preventing first and last names from appearing in results
  • Added exception message if unable to validate credentials and settings

Double the Donation

  • Added a new formula type, Upload Donations, allowing users to send donation information from RENXT to Double the Donation


  • Added a new formula type, Encompass Transactions to BBCRM Data Forms, allowing users to send Encompass transaction information to BBCRM data forms
  • Added validation for settings for all Encompass endpoints


  • Added a new formula type, Ticketed Event Registrations, allowing users to send event registration information from EveryAction to the system of record


  • Fixed an issue where unrelated records were appearing in recurring gifts sample data 


  • Added missing custom field child object to distributions for Accounts Payable
  • Added missing Row Index field in mapping when Salesforce is a source