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Option to Delete Page within the Ready bucket

We have a need for the option to Delete Page within the Ready bucket. Currently, the only option is to delete by row or delete all. This takes a lot of time when we have 600-900 records to delete.

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Hi Melisa, 

We observed this need when shadowing your team and this past week I tested another option until Delete Page is considered/implemented. It appeared the main issue is when sorting and deleting records with no email address. It is time consuming deleting each row without an email address.

While in mapping, in the email address field, create a transformation that if email address is blank add NO EMAIL to the destination system. When processed, those records will be routed to a destination exception (since NO EMAIL is not a valid option) where they can be deleted in bulk. 

I'll aslo send a follow-up email to your team with that option. Let me know if you have any questions!

Thank you, 


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