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Ability to Add new from the Ready bucket

We would like the ability to Add new from the Ready bucket (currently, can only send the page or send all).

There are times when there are records in the Ready bucket that look like a potential match in the destination but are not. The ability to Add new from the ready bucket would be helpful. Currently, the work around is to document which record needs investigation or delete that row from the ready bucket to manually add later.
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Hi Melisa, 

Below are the questions I sent in the email today. I also wanted to add the information here for tracking: 

  • Do you notice a pattern for the records that end up in the Ready bucket? What are you commonly manually adding/removing from the record so it ends in BBCRM as expected? 
  • Were the records in question first routed to the 1:1 or 1:N buckets > processed > and then ended up in Ready?  If this is the case, I wonder if an adjustment to mapping or triage would help reduce the scenario where this is happening 
  • About how many records are you weekly having to manage this way? 


Chanel Floyd
Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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