Omatic Cloud Updates - May 11, 2022


  • Added friendlier exception message for pre-existing gift batch numbers
  • Fixed issue where blank values for gift custom fields would throw an error instead of being ignored

Constant Contact

  • Added a new formula type, Flat File to Constant Contact Contacts, allowing the user to create and update Constant Contact Contact records using a file upload
  • Fixed an issue preventing Constant Contact mapped address fields from populating with data
  • Users can now add existing Constant Contact Tags to Contact records

Data Queue

  • Fixed an issue causing Match Reason to display incorrectly
  • Fixed an issue preventing Engaging Networks record links from appearing in formula results

Triage and Routing

  • Fixed an issue where records were not automatically sent to the destination when the formula was configured to automatically send on triage and records end up in Ready after reprocessing.

Data Sources

  • Fixed an issue preventing users from saving Engaging Networks data sources without an optional URL specified 


  • Updated source settings for LO Calendar Events Formula to provide filter for All Events, Ticketed Events, or RSVP Events
  • Updated the exception language from Calendar Event Registrations validation


  • Fixed an issue preventing Mailing ID and Mailing Name from populating for some Email Activity results


  • Added Constituent ID and Email ID for Guest Registrations within Encompass Event Registrations formula type, allowing users to connect these in the system of record
  • Fixed an issue preventing constituent records from being sent to Encompass when matching on Constituent ID
  • Fixed an issue potentially preventing dates and times of Encompass Transactions from respecting user time zone selections

Engaging Networks

  • Added a new formula type, Flat File to Engaging Networks Supporters, allowing the user to create and update Engaging Networks Supporter records using a file upload


  • Fixed an issue where some Salesforce reports were not found when selected as the source in a formula, resulting in what appears to a user to be a stuck formula.

Http Connector

  • Update the Http Connector to support multiple record types to allow for definition of an entire set of endpoints an organization may need in one Http Connector