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VIP Processing for OC for RENXT

We would love to see functionality similar to the VIP Processing in IOM in OC. For instance, if a constituent is in a specific RENXT List, automation does not apply and they fall into a bucket for review and have some sort of VIP identifier.

Hi Shelby - Thank you for submitting your idea.  This is a very interesting scenario of something that we have been discussing and working towards internally here at Omatic.  We have been discussing and planning the idea of allowing users to define how they would want to route records within Omatic Cloud, even to what we term as "custom buckets".  I could see a scenario where you want to route these VIPs to their own "custom bucket" named VIPs and you know that you want to review each of these records before making decisions and sending to RENXT.  

We have discussed allowing users to make these types of custom routing decisions based on source data.  The one interesting angle to this that we know we need to explore is how we might enable that functionality to look forward into the destination system (in this case RENXT) to help make that decision.  There would obviously be a dependency on match decisions (meaning only matched records would be considered for this VIP check) and new records are not considered and go to the normal buckets.  In addition, what about those situations where you might need to choose a match as you have multiple to pick from.  This would require us to send the record back through the decision tree to see if you matched on a VIP after you made your decision in that one bucket.  As you can see it starts to get pretty complex.  But this is exactly where we want to be heading with our capabilities.

We would love to hear if you have other similar scenarios around how you might want certain records to go to another bucket and what you would need to do to those records.

Steve Brewer

Product Manager

Thanks, Steve. The complexity does make sense. We are not initially setting up to bring gifts over now, but once the capability of this is more sophisticated (gifts can go into batch), this really is a necessity for us. 

For our team, it really is only VIP records and employee records that we flag. But as the Cloud capabilities grow and duplicate management is handled there, we would need buckets for this, as well.

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