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Advanced address processing screen in the Omatic Cloud is neeeded

We need an advanced address processing screen in the Omatic Cloud. Right now my choices are to import addresses without knowing if they are valid, or ignore addresses.

We also need to be able to update a new address while saving the old address as a former address.


  • People enter their addresses online incorrectly and sometimes on purpose. (I've seen people who don't include their house number or apartment number, or enter "nowhere" street.") If I allow address information to come in that doesn't match to their current address I could be overwriting good address info in RE with incomplete or false data from LO.
  • Also the web view cloud overwrites the existing address instead of saving the current address as former. This is important to track when an address was changed, especially when trying to identify why a tax receipt was mailed to a former address. Or in a situation like I described above, I can go back and select the former address if the new information was incorrect or invalid.

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Hi Sarah - Thank you for putting the idea on our forums.  I hope things are well with you all up in BC!  

Thank you for the great detail of why you would need this info and also challenges you are facing.  Any other information and opinions you have about situations you might encounter with addresses would be helpful.  Do have similar issues with other types of records apart from addresses (e.g. emails, phones, attributes/custom fields)?

We know we need to look at how we can enable more robust business logic on our "child" objects that drive decisions and behaviors when adding/updating that data in your applications.  This is not unique to RE but could be applied to other applications such as Salesforce as well.  Addresses tend to be a big one as we know all of our clients need to have accurate address data as well as archiving previous addresses.


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Hi Steve, So far I haven't noticed an issue with phone or email types, but we do allow multiple of the same type (e.g. we can have 3 numbers with the same type). I like this because it means we can mass update inactive numbers through importing after a calling campaign.

I do however wish Comments for the phones was available in web view, but that's a Blackbaud problem. We use the Phone Comments to input where the number came from (e.g. Source: Luminate Online).

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I'm with Sarah on the Advanced Address processing especially related to copying to Previous. This is one of the big advantages of ImportOmatic that didn't come along with Omatic Cloud and I'm noticing it's absence.

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