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Advanced Scheduling Functionality

Due to the structure of the Emma API, there is no way to schedule a formula to collect Email Response Activity accurately.

Since the majority of users respond to an email within 2 weeks of said email being sent, it would be helpful to have a 2 week option to the schedule frequencies. While not a truly amazing solution, it would probably be the simplest add on Omatic's part.

A better solution would to be able to signify how big the window is for each schedule. For Example, a formula could be scheduled to run Daily or Weekly like current functionality allows. However the user would be given an option to collect data 1 to 30 days prior. Another option could be "Run Daily but gather records from exactly X days prior to the current day". This option would allow the formula to run as scheduled, but essentially be collecting old records.

While these options won't solve the problem created by Emma's API. They would go along way in helping to gather responses with out the user having to manually "Run Once" and select the day the email had been sent.

Hi Michael,

Thank you for submitting this idea! If you could filter specific campaigns within a specific time frame, would that meet your need?

For example, we might be able to provide options such as:

Return Response Activity for all Campaigns that were sent within the last week 


Return Response Activity for all Campaigns that were sent within the last month

If you could let me know your thoughts, that would be great!


Kristen Gajdica

Product Manager

The examples you provided I think would be a great start. As the majority of responses come within the first 2 weeks of an email being sent, I thing a Month is a good length of time. If those options were available, I could see using them in a certain way which I have put below.

  • A formula collecting Sent, Delivered, (and possibly Bounced) responses from all Campaigns that were sent within the last Day or Week
  • A formula collecting interaction responses (i.e. Opens, Clicks, Shares, etc) from all Campaigns that were sent within the last Month
  • The User Unsubscribe formulas does return activity daily, however the Global Opt Out would be apart of the interaction responses example above. Global Opt Outs could also be its own formula
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