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A better Mailchimp ID?

In doing some research in Mailchimp I noticed that there are other id fields that are visible in a contact export which is not the case for the Mailchimp ID. The fields are the EUID (unique identifier for a contact at the account level, across all audiences) and the LEID (unique identifier for a contact, specific to an audience). The LEID has the added benefit of being the ID listed in the URL when viewing a contact.

When I look at my Omatic data mapping options, the EUID and LEID are not available for selection. Is it possible to get the LEID added to OC data mapping? I'd much rather use that field instead of the Mailchimp ID if for no other reason than it's visible via means other than through OC mapping. I'm also hoping that because it's in the URL, it's also a key field in their contact table.

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