Omatic Cloud Updates - June 23, 2022

Omatic Cloud

  • Resolved "Error: loading ProcessingObjectFields from storage" exception


  • Resolved issue where Summary Display Fields displayed the wrong constituent when mapping non-constituent relationships

Blackbaud CRM

  • Resolved issue with duplicate registration option types by adding registration options via name instead of type


  • Added ability to include Classy Custom Questions on Classy Transactions Formula Type
  • Resolved issue causing profile to fail pulling records when a team goal is not an integer
  • Removed the Payout Date field from the transaction profile, due to limitations in the Classy API


  • Fixed issue preventing some donations/tickets from appearing in formula results
  • Fixed issue preventing data sources from connecting to DonorDrive


  • Fixed issue potentially preventing record matching

Engaging Networks

  • Enabled split receipting for Engaging Networks Event Tickets, allowing users to map to Fair Market Value

Http Connector

  • Resolved issue where the status of a formula using Http Connector was not being updated on integrations/formulas page

Luminate Online

  • Added ability to filter on Individuals gifts, Organization gifts, or both, in the TeamRaiser Sustainers formula


  • Fixed issue preventing matching on Member ID

Post to General Ledger

  • Fixed issue where number formatting was not rounding the last decimal correctly
  • Improved caching of Salesforce metadata to improve performance in the UI

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Fixed issue causing all formula results to appear in New Records
  • Fixed issue preventing records from matching to Subscriber Key