Omatic Cloud Updates - July 13, 2022


  • Pulling records for Salesforce Campaign Members is no longer restricted to 500 records at a time
  • Fixed an issue in the Needs Attention - Related Records grid and now records can be viewed

Luminate Online

  • Added a new formula type, LO TeamRaiser Sustainers to BBCRM Constituent Revenue, allowing users to send Teamraiser Sustainer gifts to BBCRM
  • Added a new formula type, LO Sustaining Gift to Salesforce Contacts & Any Object, allowing users the ability to map LO sustaining gifts to Salesforce Contact fields


  • Resolved issue where the exception "Custom questions must match across all selected campaigns" sometimes occurred even if campaign questions were matching


  • Resolved issue preventing Mailchimp ID from appearing in available formula Triage fields


  • Improved processing retry support when Emma API limit is reached

Salesforce Marketing Cloud

  • Resolved issue preventing Email Activity record retrieval when attempting to Run Once

Secure FTP

  • Improved connection retry support by extending attempts to three retries

Post to General Ledger

  • Added validation on Salesforce settings page to prevent a user from pulling example data with a filter setting not populated
  • Added exception file with exception details where process encounters an error preventing the processing from completing
  • Updated platform to improve performance in the user interface when configuring a formula with Salesforce as the source
  • Fixed an issue where POM plugin would not complete for user when exception files are generated in Post to General Ledger
  • Fixed an issue where amount fields with a value of null were interrupting the processing of data from Salesforce