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Formula tabs

In trying to better manage my formulas (of which there are many and the number is growing), I've creates some general tabs (Automatically runs, Manually triggered, In development). I'd like to be able to easily identify any formulas that aren't on one of the custom tabs or (dream of dreams) to be able to see which tab a formula is on when working within the formula. That last dream of dreams will help me stop putting formulas on more than one tab.

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Hi Elizabeth, 

Thank you for your feedback, I love the way you are thinking about organization! When do you typically categorize your formulas into the different tabs - at creation, after run a few times, etc? 


Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

Usually when I'm developing them but again once they're activated. I'm assuming that only I see the tabs and tagging that I set up but if they were visible to anyone in my account that too would be great.
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