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Add "Send to Needs Attention" button in Ready Bucket

Similar to adding an Override button to the Ready bucket, similarly it would be nice to have a "send to 1:1" button when filtering through those matches in the Ready bucket. 

Hi Donna - Thanks for this idea.  One of the things that our team here at Omatic will be looking at is improving our buckets and how to manage the records in those buckets.  

Can you share more details on why you would want to send to 1:1 from the Ready?   What about that record tells you to send it to 1:1?  

Would this be sending a specific record as you are reviewing those records in the Ready or a page of records or something other grouping of records?  

What do you plan to do with that record in the 1:1 bucket?



Hi Steve,

In the beginning of connecting Mailchimp and RENXT (and until now), there is a large period of time where Mailchimp records and NXT records do not match and I am having the problem of Mailchimp updating NXT names when I don't want it to (this is when sending email activity over). So, because of this, I am having to review all the records in the Ready Bucket. Having the ability to "Send to 1:1" would give me the chance to select which information to change when Omatic sends the email activity into RENXT.

For example, a record in Mailchimp has my name as First name: Diana R, last name: Bronsema. In NXT it is First Name: Diana, Middle name: R, Last name: Bronsema. If I can't select which first name to use, then Omatic automatically updates NXT to now say "Diana R R. Bronsema". With sending it to 1:1, I can select the First name in NXT as the name I want. 


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