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Ability to map Luminate online cross references via API in the Omatic Cloud

Luminate stores values here for its web services and accessing them would make for more efficient, straight-forward mapping in the Omatic formulas. Specifically, these cross-reference types would be most helpful to CHLA:

- Donation Form Cross-Reference 

-  Donation Options and Designations 

-  TeamRaiser Cross-Reference


Navigation in Luminate Online: Data Management à Import/Export à Cross-Reference Types



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Hi Melisa - This is a really interesting topic. Can you share more about how you envision these cross-reference type lists working?  Would you expect to use these cross-reference types when pulling data from Luminate or sending data to Luminate?  Would you expect Omatic Cloud to use these cross-reference to perform a translation to generate the value that you expect/need for an integration?  Can you give an example or two of how you could see the use of the cross-reference types helping with the Omatic Cloud formulas you have?

Thank you

Steve Brewer

Product Manager

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