Omatic Cloud Updates - October 6, 2022

Omatic Integration Cloud

  •  Resolved issue where clicking Save and Edit on specific pages in the formula wizard never completed



  • Resolved issue where constituent fields were updated even when an exception was returned

  • Resolved issue with Invalid Custom Field Category exception when including gift custom field object with no value for a batch gift

  • Resolved issue where Info Source was not getting added to address records



  • Fixed an issue where a source ID field that was not mapped was used to match unsuccessfully. We're now successfully using that unmapped ID value to search for matches.
  • Fixed an issue where Contact was loading as the top-level object in Accounts & Any Object formulas


Luminate Online

  • Added Team ID field to Teamraiser Donations endpoint

  • Updated Field ordering to improve usability

  • Resolved issue where Member ID wasn't updating when sending data to LO

  • Resolved issue where records were sometimes being updated in Luminate Online instead of being added as new records when clicking on Add As New

  • Updated logic to use the first partition in the LO database rather than hard coding a default partition

  • Fixed issue where cached credentials were being used even if new credentials were entered



Post to General Ledger

  • Resolved issue where a file missing expected characters at the end of each line could not be used as the source of a formula
  • Updated to provide a better error message in an exception file when the limit of 2000 records is reached when pulling data from Salesforce



  • Moved the DonorDrive profile alias from Data Sources to Formula settings to remove the requirement to create a Data Source for each DonorDrive profile
  • Updated formula type from ‘Donors’ to ‘DonorDrive Reports’ to describe the data flow more accurately



  • Resolved issue where category and interest filters were not applied to unsubscribers from Mailchimp
  • Resolved issue where duplicate Mailchimp records were matching incorrectly in the 1:Many bucket



  • Resolved connectivity issue with ‘Too many requests’ error



  • Optimized API calls when pulling data from Emma by caching Subscriptions & Groups