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Dedup records in triage buckets

I'm finding duplicate records within formula triage buckets which means I either need to process or manually delete each of them. I understand why they sometimes occur but would like within the Reprocess functionality or as a separate action button the ability to remove duplicate records.

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Hi Elizabeth, 

Can you share more about the data that you are integrating (the Connector and the formula type)? There may be scenarios where you see the same person listed more than once in a bucket - as an example, for a gift data flow, that person could have given more than one gift so they would be listed separately for each gift. In this case, we don't want to remove the second row as it really isn't a duplicate. 

There is one case where there could be 'true duplicates': if the same data was pulled more than once into Omatic Cloud from a Connector (or the same file was dropped more than once into a flat file formula). In that case, it is probably a good idea to clear the data queues and start over by re-pulling the data from an empty bucket. 

Just wanted to clarify which scenario you are encountering!



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