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Ability to modify new or existing records

Ability to choose if I want to make modifications to an existing records while making different modifications to new records all through one formula that are sent to ready. 

Example: having new records mark new email as primary while existing records do not mark as primary or overwrite.

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Hi Melanie, 

It sounds like you are requesting the ability to take different actions on fields in the destination based on "x" criteria (in your example, marking a record as primary or possibly overwriting/unmarking a status/type with a blank), am I correct in my understanding? Versus the ability to edit a record's value and how it lands in the destination (for instance, wanting to change the value of the record while reviewing in a bucket - you notice James needs to be updated to Jim)? 

May I ask your system of record as the destination? 

Thank you for your submittion!

Chanel Floyd

Product Manager - Omatic Cloud

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