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Importing Pay-Cash

The finance team at my current employer often uploads list of payments that they receive but that list does not indicate whether that payment is a payment toward an existing pledge on the constituent's record. Since we are hoping to import those payments without going through every single donor record first, I thought I would check in here to see if anyone else has this concern and if they have come up with a way to address it. Thank you!

I do this  with recurri9ng gifts. You have to include the import ID of the gift in the file.and map;Apply to Pledge Import ID.

I can't help very much without knowing exactly what your import file looks like -- also other info like: are you importing these into a gift batch and then on to the constituent after some additional by-hand processing in the batch or are these being imported directly to the constituent.

But, generally speaking, there's no reason they have to come in from the import as "Pay-Cash".  Someone who knows how should be able to modify the import to have them just come in as "Cash".

Although this does sort of just push the problem two steps farther down the road -- now you will wind up with some gifts, either in batch or on the Constituent, that look like regular cash donations, but are actually payments on a pledge.  But if that helps your workflow, then yes that is doable.

Again, I have no idea how your import is set up.  Somewhere there is probably a field that is specifying that the Gift Type is "Pay-Cash".  You can probably just make a dictionary that replaces "Pay-Cash" with "Cash" and apply that dictionary to that field in the import profile.  If you don't see it in the main mapping field list, you would also want to search the Virtual fields mapping.

Hope this helps.

(Sorry I won't be able to help with any follow-up questions -- end of year is busy and then vacation time.)

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Thank you both for responding so quickly!

Unfortunately we don't have an import ID yet since these gifts have not been put in yet.. 

We are currently using the import to create a batch, however we would like to move to importing directly to the constituent record if we can solve this particular pay-cash issue. We can absolutely enter them as a new cash gift however, as you alluded to, that becomes problematic when the donors have an outstanding pledge and the gift has not been credited to it and therefor the balance is incorrect. 

You only the import ID of the original pledge. I could also suggest importing to a batch and use the option "Automatically apply gifts to pledges and recurring gifts".

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Ah I see, thanks for clarifying! I believe that is what we are currently doing but we were hoping to skip over the batch part and import directly to the constituent record

Agree with Marie's suggestion, provided you want all payments to be applied to open pledges. If you want to pick and choose, you could consider creating a report or query that shows all constituent records with a gift from that batch or import, and a pledge with a balance >$0. Then you can review and manually apply those to the pledge.

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