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Do not match to inactive records

When matching incoming records through Omatic Cloud to RE, the system should not match to inactive RE records. Or at least add the option not to match to these record types.

Hi Sam - Thank you for the idea.  I have a few questions and scenarios for you.

Can you share more about why it is a problem to match on an inactive record?  Can you give an example/more detail on how you are matching to help us understand which match scenarios you would not want to include inactive records in(e.g. is it name, id, email,..)?

I want to put out there a scenario that we have for a different System of Record (SoR) that is not RE that we got a request for recently.  In this SoR, we traditionally did not match on inactive records.  However we had a client that noticed that due to Omatic Cloud not matching on inactive records, duplicate records were created in their system.  As a result, they now had active records, which were duplicates of inactive records, that could be included in some process.  They would not want these records to be included in a business process as they excluded inactive records from the process, but due to the duplication of this record, these new records would now be included incorrectly.  Even though a record is inactive, if that record is part of an integration, being able to match onto that inactive record created more value for that specific client.  

Would you potentially have the situation where duplicate records could be created if we added the ability to ignore inactive records?  If so, would you be concerned about having duplicate records created in RE?  Are there any potential concerns with ignoring inactive records in RE not noted in this scenario that you might have?

I know there are many different costs to having duplicate records in the system.  I would think you would potentially merge those records together as well and that new/active record would no longer be active as it was merged into an inactive record or you would end up with a record that may no longer be inactive if merged the other way.  That may be ok with your organization's setup.  If you would merge from active to inactive then then you had to go through that extra step of merging to find your way to a state that would have been there from the start if you matched on the inactive record in the integration.  Not saying you would have to do this, but again throwing scenarios out there that you might need to consider if ignoring inactive records in matching.  Would you expect there to be problems with duplicates?

Finally, would it really be more helpful to have more information about matched records available to you in Omatic Cloud?  Information such as noting that a record is inactive in RE that it matched, to help you make a decision on a potential match.  Thus the ball would be in your court to confirm/deny/change matches as you have more information at your fingertips to inform you of a decision you need to make.  Would any of that be helpful instead of ignoring inactive records?  If so, can you share any thoughts on having a more robust UI that gives you greater detail on matches/potential matches?  When would you want it, any other scenarios where that might be helpful?

Steve Brewer

Product Manager

Hi Steve – thanks so much for reaching out.

A couple thoughts – so, we define inactive records as constituents that are deceased, no longer exist (in the case of organization/company records), or records that were duplicates and have since been merged. In the last case, when records are merged in RE NXT web view, Blackbaud has set it so that the system does not delete the duplicate record (as is the case when merging in database view) but marks the duplicate record as inactive. In all three cases, we would not want any new information being added to these records via the large gift imports we run through Omatic Cloud.

Because we’ve been working through duplicate clean-up since getting NXT, our number of inactive records has significantly increased. And so raises the issue where I’m finding that via the OC imports, gifts are being attributed to inactive duplicate records. This forces us to re-merge so the information is moved to the constituent’s active record.

This could be resolved through the initial suggestion of having the option to not match against inactive, or, per your suggestion, it would absolutely work if we were able to see more information up front on the matched records. That way we could choose not to select records marked as inactive, and instead, select the active counterpart.

Thanks again!

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