Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to install ImportOmatic
Environment: All
Version: All


1. Download the latest version of ImportOmatic

***Note*** It is essential that you ensure that you are installing the same version that all other workstations that access ImportOmatic are using, otherwise errors will occur during access after installation.

If the version that you are installing is more recent than the other versions of ImportOmatic that are currently installed, you will need to also update each one of those workstations before accessing ImportOmatic. If the version currently installed is or earlier, please uninstall before attempting the installation.

2. Please ensure that you are exited and signed out of The Raiser's Edge before the plug-in is run on the workstation.

3. Once you have downloaded the latest version, you can right click on the ".exe" file and run as Administrator to open the wizard for installation.

4. Once you have installed ImportOmatic into the Plug-Ins folder for The Raiser's Edge, you should be able to access ImportOmatic from Plug-Ins when logged into the RE database.

***Hosted Clients: See the Hosted Install and Updates solution for hosting specific information

****If you do not see ImportOmatic as an option on our Downloads page, please contact Support and we can ensure that login is provisioned correctly.