Product: ImportOmatic

Description: How to apply default sets to ImportOmatic imports

Environment: All

Versions: All


Default sets allow you to auto-fill values into fields on a record so you do not need to manually enter them for each record in your import file.  For example, if all of your gifts are being given to the same Campaigns and Funds, create a gift default set with entries in the Campaign and Fund fields. Use this set to save time when adding gift records instead of entering the Campaign and Funds manually each time.

To create a default set in The Raiser’s Edge select Tools, Organize/Create Defaults from the menu bar.  Highlight the appropriate record type (e.g. Gift)and click New. Enter all of the values you would like to auto-fill on the record, name and then save the Default Set.

Please make note of the following when creating Default Sets:

*  In IOM version 2.4.2 and earlier, values in Individual and Organization Default Sets will not be applied to Constituent records already in Raiser’s Edge

* Starting in IOM version 2.5, a default set can optionally be used to update existing Individuals and Organizations in Raiser's Edge

*  Individual and Organization Default Sets will not be applied to relationships, even if the relationship is a new constituent record created by the import

*  Attributes, solicitors, and notepad values that are defined in a Gift Default Set will not be applied to gifts if they are being imported into a gift batch. If gifts are imported directly to constituent records, bypassing a gift batch, all the values will be applied to the gift from the default set

*  Gift default sets do not apply to the separate splits of a split gift

*  When importing gift data, default set values are applied first. Data from the file is then applied.  If the file contains fields that are also defined in the default set the data from the file supersedes the default set data. Finally, defaults from a parent pledge or recurring gift are applied (if applicable and if this option is selected) – any fields defined in a default set or in the file are superseded by the parent gift values

 To apply the default set in ImportOmatic open the profile and select Defaults from the ImportOmatic Navigation bar.   In the Default Field Values section, you will find the record type you created the Default Set for and select the name of the Default Set from the pull-down menu option.


Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.