Product: ImportOmatic
 This solution describes how to import gift amendments

Environment: All

Version: 2.4 and higher


All gift adjustments or amendments must be related to a constituent record because it is not possible to maintain an orphaned gift record in RE as a rule.

The Gift ID or Gift Import ID for the original gift is needed in the data file. Gift amendments import directly to the target gift and can not be added to a gift batch.

The first step is opening a current recurring gift and looking at what is included in a gift amendment. All the required fields in the Amendment tab will need to be populated, if needed. You may not need to change the subtype or add notes, for example. Anything else on the gift record - check number, letter code, etc will remain the same.

For example, if you only mapped the appeal and the package for the amendment, the Campaign and the Fund will be blank. And since you can't save a gift without a Fund, you'll get an error. Also, if you don't include the gift amount it will turn the amount to zero.

These fields will be mapped with Record Type = RG Amendment. You will want information for each of the different Value Types, even if those fields aren't being amended, because IOM will import them as zero or blank. Again, if the field can be blank (eg, gift subtype), it does not need to be included in the file or mapped in the import.

If the amendment will have splits, go to Gifts in the left side navigation pane. Under Recurring gifts--> Amendments, check the box to Process split gift amendments. Next select whether to Overwrite existing gift splits or Add splits to existing gift splits.

Note: You are also able to import Gift Adjustments. Please see this solution for more information.

Please use the following link to locate the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.