Product: ImportOmatic
Description: How to export data in.CSV format from Blackbaud Sphere
Environment: All
Versions: All


Often our clients have questions about exporting data from Blackbaud Sphere for use with ImportOmatic.  The following procedure details how to configure report for payments/donations made by all supporters.

Note: This method allows you to run a single report across multiple forms/events/initiatives.

1.    Select Control--> Report Center--> Billing--> Payment Details Report
       a.    Choose Accounts
              i.    Accept default values
              ii.    Click Save and Next
       b.   Choose Initiatives
              i.    Select the option – Choose Individual Initiatives (screen will refresh)
              ii.    Search for initiatives
                     1.   Search for – Account Name –Starts With – <>
                     2.   Click Search (screen will refresh with list)
                     3.   Using the ‘Type’ column for reference , place a check next to each column where type is equal to ‘Kinterthon’  and ‘Single Step Donation’
                     4.   Click the Add to Selection button (screen will refresh, list of selections will appear at the bottom of the screen)
              iii.    Click Save and Next
       c.   Choose Event Groups
              i.    Accept default values
              ii.    Click Save and Next
       d.   Choose Data
              i.    Uncheck all fields, then select all of the following fields and sort:
                     1.   Contacts Profile >Contact Fields
                           a.   Title
                           b.   First Name
                           c.   Middle Name
                           d.   Last Name
                           e.   Suffix
                           f.    Company Name
                           g.   Phone
                           h.   Email
                     2.   Contacts Profile> Contact Fields > Address Info > Mailing Address
                           a.   Mailing Address Line 1
                           b.   Mailing Address Line 2
                           c.   Mailing City
                           d.   Mailing State
                           e.   Mailing Province
                           f.    Mailing Zip
                           g.   Mailing Country
                     3.   Standard Report Fields
                           a.      Payment Date
                           b.     Payment Amount
                           c.      Payment Type
                    4.      All Custom Fields > All Custom Fields > Custom fields
                           a.     Fund
                           b.     Constituency
                           c.      Product, auction Item, or event entry fee
                           d.     Appeal
                           e.     Tributes and Memorials
                           f.      Tributee First Name
                           g.     Tributee Last Name
                           h.     Acknowledgee First Name
                           i.      Acknowledgee First Name
                           j.      Acknowledgee Address
                           k.     Acknowledgee City
                           l.      Acknowledgee State
                           m.    Acknowledgee Province
                           n.     Acknowledgee Zip
                           o.     Acknowledgee Country
                           p.     Communications
                           q.     Anonymous Donor
              ii.     Note: Make sure to always sort the columns the same to match the import. Column sort options are the blue button to right of the Selected Columns.
              iii.     Click Save and Next
       e.   Define Filter
              i.     Accept default values
              ii.     Click Save and Next
       f.    Set Date Range
              i.      Select your preferred date range
              ii.     Click Save and Next
       g.   Select Summary Info
              i.       Accept default values
              ii.       Click Save and Next
       h.   Choose Delivery Method
              i.       For Output Options Select > Save the Report Configuration
              ii.       Enter – Report Name
              iii.       Select – Share Report Configuration