Product: ImportOmatic
 This solution discusses importing gift adjustments

Environment: All

Version: All


Note: In versions previous to 2.4, IOM cannot import gift amendments. To import gift amendments, download the latest version of ImportOmatic. For more information on how to import recurring gift amendments, please see this solution.

You can use IOM to update existing gifts using the "Gift Adjustment" as the Record Type and the Gift ID or Gift Import ID as the identifier.

Here are the fields available:

  • Amount
  • Appeal
  • Campaign
  • Date
  • Fund
  • Gift ID
  • Gift Import ID
  • Gift Subtype
  • Notes
  • Package
  • Post Date
  • Post Status
  • Reason
  • Use adj. GL post date

For more information on importing gift adjustments, please see this solution

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.