Product: ImportOmatic
This solution describes how use the option to allow table values to be added automatically during the import process.

Environment: All

Versions: All


  1. In IOM Configuration, Select Profiles and choose the desired Profile by selecting and double clicking or highlighting the profile and selecting the Edit button to open
  2. Select General Settings from the Profile Navigation Pane
  3. Under General Settings mark the check box next to "Add Table Entry value if it does not already exist"
  4. Select the Save button at the bottom of the profile to save changes made within profile.

***Note: The RE table must contain a minimum of one table value in order to have values automatically added to that existing table using this check box selection through ImportOmatic. 

***Note regarding adding School/Institution table values: We do not recommend using the automatic table entry functionality for adding School Names/IDs to RE. We do not recommend this because RE Functionality will use the first six characters of the long description school name/ID to create the short description for the School Name/ID.

The example listed below will illustrate how the long description may appear and how the short description will be added to RE.

Long Description: College of Charleston

Short Description: COLLEG

If, later in the file you have another occurrence of a School Name/ID that begins with College, like the following:

Long Description: College of DuPage

Short Description: COLLEG

The value for the School Name/ID for College of DuPage will not be added because the short description will not be unique, as it was already utilized when College of Charleston was added in a previous row from the data file during the import. The same is true for any school that begins with 'University' or any similarly named schools as far as the first six characters of the name are concerned.

We do recommend adding School Name/ID values manually, prior to importing.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.