Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution discusses how to map addressee and salutation information in virtual fields

Environment: All

Version: 2.0 and higher


For more information on how to use Virtual Fields, please see this solution.

To import Addressee or Salutation (Add/Sal) information using Virtual Fields, you will first find the ID of the desired add/sal in The Raisers Edge.

In Virtual Fields, right click and choose Insert virtual column. In the Field Name, enter the ID for the addressee or salutation.

Map the ID using Record Type = Constituent Field and Value Type = Primary Addressee ID or Primary Salutation ID. If importing an additional add/sal, use Record Type = Additional Add/Sal (ID) and Value Type = . The function will be Static Field.

Note: Virtual Fields are a "blanket" application of data. This means the value(s) will be applied to every row in the import. Where you will run into a problem is if you have Organization records in your import file. Organization records cannot have Addressees or Salutations and if this data is supplied for an Organization record, it will cause that row to be an exception.

If you have a mix of Individuals and Organizations, there are a few workarounds:

* Have two import profiles, one for Individuals and one for Organizations, and split your data file as well. The import profile for Organizations will have the Add/Sal virtual fields removed.

* Use the IOM API to conditionally apply the Add/Sal data to only Individual records.

* Supply the Add/Sal information for the Individuals in your data file, and map the columns in the regular Field Map portion of your profile.