Product: PostOmatic
 This solution discusses how to import account information to the GL Distributions tab of a Fund
Environment: All
Versions: All


Launch the Fund GL Distribution Utility by accessing the Import GL Fund Distribution option in the Tools tab in Settings.

Click the ... button to select the import file. The file must be comma delimited (.csv) in the following format:
Fund ID, GL Gift Type, Gift Subtype, Debit Acct #, Credit Acct #

The GL gift types and gift subtypes must be entered into the import file exactly as they are defined in The Raiser's Edge. You can view all of the valid GL gift types and gift subtypes by clicking on Click here for a list of valid GL Gift Types and Gift Subtypes. Right click on a type to copy it to the clipboard for easy pasting while editing the import file.

Create Subtype table entries if they do not exist

Select this option to add a new entry to the gift subtypes table if the import file contains a gift subtype that has not been defined in the table.

Note: if not selected, and there are new gift subtypes in the file, this row will not be imported.

File contains a header row

Select this option if your import file contains a header row. POM will skip over the first row in the file.

Preview/Edit Import File

Use this option to view and/or edit the selected import file. This allows you to access the file without needing to edit it externally and reload it into POM.


Click Import to begin the import.

For more information on PostOmatic, please refer to the User Guide for PostOmatic.