Product: ImportOmatic List Management
 This solution describes how to assign an appeal to list members

Environment: All

Version: All


  1. Highlight the list members to which you'd like to assign a new appeal
  2. Right click and choose Assign appeal. A popup window will open
  3. Select the appeal from the drop down
  4. Select the package, if desired
  5. Select the date
  6. Add comments, if desired
  7. Select the option to have List Management assign the next available finder number to the appeal, if desired. The Finder Number can be used in future imports for record matching – for example, if a gift is returned that includes the finder number, ImportOmatic can find the record based on the number and if it is a non-constituent, automatically promote it to a full constituent and import the gift
  8. Click OK

For more detailed information regarding ImportOmatic List Management, please refer to the User Guide for List Management.