Product: SegmentOmatic
Description: How to configure appeals for a segmentation project
Environment: All
Version: All


Now that constituents have been segmented, you will assign appeals and (optionally) packages to some or all segments. Once the assignments are made to your satisfaction, the appeals are committed – writing the appeal, package, and segment information to the constituent records.

Appeals are configured within the top pane of the Segmentation Results screen.

In the appeals configuration grid, define the list of appeals that you wish to assign to your recipients.

Appeal - Select an appeal from the drop down list
Package - If you wish to indicate a package, select it from the drop down list
Color - SOM will automatically generate a color for each line in the grid. To change the color, click on the ... button and select a new color
Source - Enter your source code for this appeal
Mailing ID - Enter your mailing ID number
Comments - Enter any comments for this appeal
Cost - Enter the cost for each contact made by this method
Constituents - This is the number of constituents who have been assigned to this appeal
Total Cost - This is the cost to contact these constituents by this method.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please download the SegmentOmatic User Guide.