Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to resolve the error Invalid Attribute Type
Environment: All
Versions: All
This error occurs when importing an attribute with an invalid category. If the value does not match the attribute category value within RE > Configuration > Attributes. IOM is unable to import the attribute.

If the attribute already exists in RE, but the spelling or spacing is off, a dictionary can be used to translate the value to the attribute category value.

If the attribute category value is new, the attribute must be added to RE before importing.

Steps to Troubleshoot:

1. Change the mapping from using field values to point back to the mapped category and map the attribute description directly 
to the attribute category in the IOM profile.  


2. Follow the steps below:

A. If you are not using a dictionary, check the value coming from the data file for the attribute category within the cell of the data file. Make sure there are no spaces in front of or behind the value within the cell.

B. If using a dictionary to designate the attribute category, check the "Replacement Value" attribute category value entered, to ensure there are no spaces in front of or behind the value.

D. Go into RE > Configuration > Attributes. Locate the attribute category in question. Copy the value listed as the category. Return to the dictionary, then paste to overwrite the existing 'Replacement Value'. This will ensure that it matches the attribute category value within RE.

*Note: You may also need to isolate one offending row and place it in a new file to test for data file corruption. If the single row import is successful the original file is corrupt in some way and the data must be transferred to a fresh data file. 

Please use the following link to locate the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.