Product: ImportOmatic

Description: This solution describes how to resolve the Error: Line 16: Number of fields in this data row (XX) does not match number of fields profile (YY). This error is driven by Excel.

Environment: All

Versions: All


This error tends to occur on a line number that is a multiple of 16. Here are the steps to resolve the error:

1. Open the data file you are working in and add an additional column to the end of your data file as the very last column.

2. Populate all rows with dummy data, such as "XX" for each respective row of data. Save the edits. This will allow Excel to save the .csv file with the correct number of fields.

3. Return to the IOM profile that you are working in and map the new dummy column to a record type value of "Ignore".

**Please note that if the above steps do not resolve your issue you may need to remap your profile completely. The following Omatic Knowledgebase solution on how to refresh a profile may be of further assistance: How to Refresh a Connector Profile

For additional information regarding this error, please visit this forum post.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.