Product: ImportOmatic
 This solution discusses the error calling Omatic service: Subscription expired or limit reached

Environment: All

Version: 2.3 and higher


For more information about the Omatic Data and Address Service, please see this Knowledgebase solution. This is an optional service that is not required to run imports. The Omatic Data and Address Service enhances the record searching process and standardizes address formats. 

This error message means that the Omatic Data and Address service is turned on and the limit was reached. Each Organization is given 3,000 hits annually for free.

To receive more information on purchasing a subscription for more hits, please contact our Sales team.

In the meantime, to continue to import please check the two following areas of the profile that this error is occurring on and deactivate the settings if they are selected. 

  1. Open the IOM Profile for editing that you are using
  2. In the profile navigation pane on the left of the profile, highlight "Duplicate Search". Remove the check mark from the check box labeled "Use the Omatic Service to find Name Variants for duplicate searching " if the box is checked.
  3. Highlight "Addresses", look under "Address Formatting" on the right then remove the check mark from the check box labeled "Format addresses using the Omatic service" if the box is checked. 

 Please save the changes to your profile and then exit and sign out of RE and sign back in to proceed normally.

Please use the following link to locate the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.