Product: ImportOmatic List Management
Description: This solution discusses exporting from list management
Environment: All
Version: All


Prior to exporting your list members, a Raiser’s Edge constituent query must be created for defining the output fields in the export file. This query determines which fields are exported based on the fields configured in the query’s output tab. Optionally, an exclude query may be created.

Note: Appeal information can be added by the export itself so those fields do not need to be included in the output fields.

For more information on selecting list members for export, please see this solution.

After selecting list members, the Export window will display:

  1. File to export - Use the … button to browse to the desired output folder and to define the export filename
  2. Output fields - Use the … button to select the appropriate output fields query
  3. Exclude query - Use the … button to optionally select an exclude query
  4. Include hidden records - Select this option to include any hidden records in the export. If not selected, hidden records are not exported

Output constituent appeal

  1. Output most recent appeal - Select this option to export the most recent appeal on a record. Use this option if you assigned appeals from the right click menu or via task sets
  2. Add new appeal - Select this option to assign a new constituent appeal during export. This appeal will be included in the export file. If using this option, additional parameters become available.
  3. Appeal - Select the appeal value for the new appeal records
  4. Package - Select the package value for the new records
  5. Date - Select the appeal date
  6. Comments - Enter any appeal comments
  7. Assign a list management finder number - Select this option to generate a unique finder number for each appeal record. The finder number can be used to find a list member during a later ImportOmatic import, similar to matching via constituent id or SSN. If the list member responds to this appeal with a gift, matching via finder number also automatically promotes a non-constituent list member to a full constituent in order to link the gift
  8. Update number solicited on appeal and package records - Select this option if you wish to update the Raiser’s Edge appeals record’s No. Solicited fields. This updates both the No. Solicited field on the general tab and the No. Solicited field on each package record
  9. Export appeal barcode - Appeal barcodes are used for fast gift entry by scanning the barcode while in a gift batch. Select this option to include the barcode in the export which can then be used for printing reply cards
  10. Fund - Use the … button to select the appropriate fund for the barcode
  11. Output fund id - Select this option to include the fund id in the export

For more detailed information regarding ImportOmatic List Management, please refer to the User Guide for List Management.