Product: EventOmatic
Description: How to filter the participant list in EventOmatic 
Environment: All 


Use filters to restrict the participant list based on one or more columns.
Filters for date, table entry, and True/False fields are accessed by clicking the down arrow in the column headers. Use the text field in the participant name field to filter on names.

Setting more than one filter applies all filters to the list. For example, setting the Participation filter to Speaker and the Response filter to Accepted will display only those participants who are speakers and have accepted.

To clear one filter, click on the down arrow in the column header and click Clear.

To clear all filters from all columns, click the Clear all filters button.

Note: Filters are not persistent and are not retained when closing and reopening the event in EventOmatic and are not shared with other users accessing the event via EOM.

For more detailed information regarding EventOmatic, please refer to the User Guide for EventOmatic.