Product: List Management
How to Create a New Solicitor Group
Environment: All
Version: All


Solicitor Groups allow users to assign solicitors to List Members. Solicitors can be assigned to List Members by any shared characteristic such as geography. Solicitors can randomly be assigned based on percentages or a single solicitor can be assigned to a group of List Members.
Solicitor Groups are created in the Configuration area of ImportOmatic, under List Management --> Solicitor Groups

To create a new solicitor group:
  1. Click the Add button
  2. Enter the name for this group
  3. Select the appropriate solicitor type for all solicitors in this group. Solicitor types are defined in The Raiser's Edge--> Configuration--> Solicitor Types
  4. Click in the solicitor grid to search for and choose a solicitor
  5. Enter the percentage of assignments that this solicitor will receive. The total percentage for all solicitors must equal 100%

To create a new solicitor group that is similar to an existing group:
  1. Highlight the existing group and click the Copy button
  2. A window opens up to allow you to name and save the new group
  3. Edit the solicitor group as needed

    For more detailed information regarding ImportOmatic List Management, please refer to the User Guide for List Management.