Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution discusses why the advanced address processing screen would pop up where the only difference is +4 on the zip code.
Environment: All
Version: All


The Advanced Address Processing (AAP) window similarity score for addresses only looks at the address lines when determining how similar the two addresses are to one another. However, it is important to note that ANY change in the city, state or zip code will cause the AAP screen to pop up.

If you find that you are being prompted for manual inspection and the +4 on the zip code is the only difference between the incoming and existing address records, please check the following:

1. Is the "ISO Name" field populated in RE > Configuration > International > United States (Highlighted below)?

2. Is the Country Field Populated on the Existing Address Record?

3. Is the country field mapped in your profile with the value of United States being supplied?

Number 1 must be set in the database. You have an option of using number 2 or number 3, however, you must do one or the other to engage the +4 Advanced Address Processing functionality for bypassing the zip code related manual inspection. If the address does not have the 4 digit code, and it is included in the data file, IOM will add it to the zip code automatically without user interaction.

Please use the following link to locate the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.