Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to import an education relationship
Environment: All
Versions: All

(Mapping Examples Attached)

In order to import an education relationship, the name of the school must be in the data file. This field is called "Establishment" in the UK database.

The Establishment name will be mapped in ImportOmatic to Record Type = Education Relationship and Value Type = Establishment.

Note: ImportOmatic uses the full name of the school for matching, even if the Raisers Edge user options are set to use the short descriptions for code table entries.

IOM can match to existing education relationships to update the information. The area to choose how IOM matches can be found in the left side navigation pane under Relationships--> Education.

If all the education relationships will be new, you can select to Always Add New. Otherwise, you can choose to match education relationships based on:

School Name
School Name and Graduation Date
School Name and Degree
School Name, Degree and Graduation Date

You can also tell IOM not to match to any education relationships that have a graduation date.

This field applies when matching via school name, etc and does not affect matching via import id. If a match is found using import id, that record is updated regardless of this setting.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.