Product: SegmentOmatic
How to view appeal assignments
Environment: All
Version: All


For more information on how to assign appeals, please see this solution.

View Segment Details

In the left pane, segment levels that have at least one segment or child segment with an appeal assignment have a check in the checkbox. The total number of constituents within a segment that have an assigned appeal is displayed as the first number in parenthesis next to the segment name.

In the right pane, segments are color coded based on the appeal assignments. Parent segments in which all child segments down to the lowest level have the same appeal assignment reflect the appeal color. Parent segments in which child segments have different appeals display hash marks – simply drill down into the lower level to see the assignments.

View Appeal Details

View appeal details in the appeal grid.

The number of assigned constituents per appeal, total cost per appeal, projected rates of response, total of all assigned constituents, and total cost reflect your appeal assignments.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please download the SegmentOmatic User Guide.