Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution discusses the naming convention for the files that IOM outputs
Environment: All
Version: All


ImportOmatic can generate several files and they are all named in a similar fashion. The names will all begin with a Date and Time stamp. They will all be saved in the location that is set for your Error and Exception files in IOM. For more information on how to change the path for the Error and Exception files, please see this solution.

Files and their naming conventions:

Error log: YYYYDDMM_HHMMSS_Error.txt

Exceptions file: YYYYDDMM_HHMMSS_Exceptions.csv

Updates file (created by choosing the options in your profile under Output--->Files): YYYYDDMM_HHMMSS_Updates.csv

Performance Log: YYYYDDMM_HHMMSS_Performance.txt