Product: ImportOmatic
Description: This solution explains how to import pledge payments.
Environment: All
Versions: All


If you are taking the gifts directly to the constituent record, you have the option of working with the existing pledge import id or the existing pledge id. One or the other will be needed to identify on which pledge the payment should be associated.

You will need to map the pledge id or pledge import id, whichever you choose to use, to a Record Type  = Gift Field and a Value Type = Apply to Pledge Import ID or Apply to Pledge ID.  All other gift fields that you want or need on the gift record should be mapped as well.

Regarding the processing rules, if you want to pull the default pledge values instead of placing them in the file and mapping them within the profile, you can make selections in the processing rules. This prevents you from needing to map gift fields such as fund, appeal, etc. The option you will want to select is located under Gifts in the profile navigation pane. Select the check box labeled "When using a pledge ID to apply a gift to a pledge, use default pledge values". You will only need to make this selection is you want to use default pledge values from the original pledge record. Otherwise, include the gift columns in the file and simply map the fields for the gift as normal within the profile.

Alternatively, If you are taking the gifts into a gift batch within RE, you can apply the gifts to a pledge from within the batch prior to commitment. This option would work for you if you do not have or do not want to retrieve the pledge import id or pledge id to place in the file.

Note: When you make a payment to a pledge, RE will change the gift type from Cash to Pay-Cash once it is applied to the pledge.

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.