Product: ImportOmatic
Description: In order to add multiple addresses to a Constituent record, multiple passes are required when using ImportOmatic. This solution discusses the proper method to follow when adding more than a single address record during the import process.
Environment: All
Versions: All


There are a minimum of two passes required to bring in two address records and any subsequent address will require an additional pass of the data file to add to the Constituent record.

Step 1: Go to the profile that the data file will be matched with to bring the data into RE. When mapping, the entire first address should be mapped and any other address data that is included in the file that does not belong to the first address should be set to a Record Type value of "Ignore".

Step 2: To set options for address processing please visit What are address processing rule options? for additional instruction.

Step 3: Once the first address is mapped and the address processing options are set, save the profile by selecting the "save" button at the bottom right of the profile pane.

Step 4: Select Import Processing and import the first address and any other information. This is the first pass that will add the first address record.

Step 5: Return to the profile that you are working with to bring in address information.

Step 6: Set the Record Type mapping to a value of "Ignore" for all of the first address mapping fields.

Step 7: Map all of the second address fields where needed. Be certain to map a unique identifier, such as the constituent id or first and last name or Org Name where needed. All other fields that have already been imported can be set to a value of "Ignore" as they will not need to be brought in a second time in order to bring in the second address.

Step 8: If address processing rules need to be altered, do so at this time

Step 9: Save the profile by selecting the "save" button at the bottom right of the profile pane.

Step 10: Select Import Processing and import the second address. This is the pass that will bring in the second address record. If there are additional addresses that need to be imported, please repeat steps 6 -10 respective to the the "number" of address you are importing.

***Note: ImportOmatic will automatically assume that any imported address is the "Home" "Preferred" address unless indicated otherwise when mapping. If additional addresses should have different types or be "alternate" as opposed to "preferred" you will need to make these two values columns of their own in your data file for any and all subsequent address records being imported after the "Home" "Preferred" address has been designated. The added column for the indicator (preferred or alternate) will need a value of "NO" in the data file. Once added, map that column to a value of Constituent > Address > Preferred. The import of the value of "NO" will mark the additional incoming addresses as "Alternate". 

Refer to the ImportOmatic User Guide for additional information.