Product: ImportOmatic List Management
This solution discusses filtering lists
Environment: All
Version: All


Filters may be used to restrict list results based on one or more columns of data. A query may also be used to apply filtering to a list.

Filters for date, table entry, and True/False fields are accessed by clicking the down arrow within the column headers. There is also a name field available where text may be entered to filter on names.

If more than on filter is applied to a list, all of those filters will be applied to the list.

For example, setting the Marital Status filter to Married and the State filter to South Carolina will display only those list members who are both married and residing in South Carolina.

In order to remove/clear one filter, left click on the down arrow in the column header and select "

To remove/clear all filters from all columns, left click the "Clear Filters" button.

***Note: Filters are not static and are not retained when closing and reopening the list in List Management. Additionally, filters are user specific which means they are not shared with other users accessing the list via List Management.

For more detailed information regarding ImportOmatic List Management, please refer to the User Guide for List Management.