Product: EventOmatic
Description: This solution describes how to send an email to event participants using EventOmatic.
Environment: All
Version: All

  1. Highlight the participants to whom you would like to send an email
  2. Right click and select Send email. The Send emails window will open.
  3. Select the email profile from the drop down. The profile defines the rules for email address selection based on the recipients' email and address types.
  4. Select the email template from the drop down. The email template defines the content and layout for email correspondence sent to event participants.
  5. Select the email account from the drop down. The email account profile defines the account and server settings for the outgoing email.
  6. Select the box to Add action if you would like an action record to be created on a participant's constituent record. You can also apply an action default set.
  7. 7. Either select all recipients, or choose recipients one at a time.
  8. You may add an email attachment with the Email attachments link.
  9. Right click on a recipient and select Preview email. At least one email must be previewed before emails can be sent.
  10. Click the Send Emails button to send to the selected recipients.

For more detailed information regarding EventOmatic, please refer to the User Guide for EventOmatic which is packaged in the zip file with the latest version of EOM.