Product: SegmentOmatic
How to generate lists
Environment: All
Version: All


Click on the Query/Export button below the right pane in the segmentation results screen.

Query name - SOM will create a static constituent query
Selection - Choose whether to include all constituents, assigned constituents, those with a certain appeal/package assignment, etc
Export query using this RE export profile - If you wish to create an export at the same time, select this option and choose the export profile. Profiles are defined in Mail>Quick Letters in RE
Save location - Use the ... button to enter a file name for the export file

Click on the Create button to create the query and export file.

Note: If you choose to generate your lists before committing the appeals, you will be warned that the appeals are not yet committed and asked whether you wish to continue. Lists generated before appeals are committed will not contain finder numbers.

For additional information regarding SegmentOmatic, please download theĀ SegmentOmatic User Guide..